Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tricks Won't Give You Cavities

My Idea of Halloween fun:

I dress up in a rabbit costume and answer my door when the doorbell rings.


open door

Kids: "Trick or treat!!"

Me: "TRICK!" spray them with silly string

Kids: dumbfounded look

Me: "Silly Rabbit! Tricks are for kids!!"

slam door


E. S. Collins said...

Incoming puns! I'm hit! Medic!

So yeah, I've been telling people all month that I will answer the door, be greeted with, "Trick or Treat!" calmly say, "Trick." and then wait. The children that look confused get nothing. Any child whose face breaks out in a wicked grin gets and much as he wants.

Encourage the next generation!

The Taco Prophet said...

Best trick or treaters I had last night:

Three kids come up to the door, one dressed as a princess, one dressed as a ballerina, one dressed as a jedi.

So I'm handing out candy to the three of them, and the jedi chick waves her hand in front of my face and goes, "You want to give us more candy."

No way in hell I'm going to fail to reward that kind of awesomeness. I replied in a hollow monotone, "I want to give you more candy," and gave an extra fistful of junk food to each of them :)

Tim said...

Every year, we get at least one trick or treater in their early/mid teens. Generally, they try to get candy while at the same time acting like they're too cool to be out doing such a kiddie thing.

This attitude leads to prick-like tendencies from them. Which is fine by me, because it means they're free game.

Life lesson from Noq, kids: If you just hold out your bag and say "gimme candy" don't act surprised when someone asks you "What are you dressed as, an asshole?"