Monday, October 8, 2007

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

This past weekend was the 60th and last annual Air Show at Pope Air Force Base near Fayetteville, NC. The base will be closing later this year, and the Army will be taking over the facilities. Naturally, we knew their Last Hurrah was going to be huge, but they topped all possible expectations. Over 100,000 people showed up Sunday to share in the experience. The Skating Gnu and I arose early and trekked down to the Sandhills to take in the sights. Oh! what sights - and sounds- we took in!

And what sunrays we took in too. Thanks to her mother's Italian heritage, The Skating Gnu turned a nice olive bronze after 10 hours in the bright sun. Me, I looked like an evil witch turned me into a big tomato. And that was just the first 15 minutes. I went from "monitor tan" to "afterburner glow" in no time flat. The burning is going down, slowly but surely, and I've rediscovered the wonders of 100% pure Aloe gel.

Was it worth it?

You tell me:

all photos copyright
2007, The Smoking Gnu

I'm so glad I brought my camera! Too bad I forgot the sunscreen. Ouch!!

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E. S. Collins said...

Planes scare the hot salty piss out of me but air shows are awesome. The flying in formation appeals to my OCD in delicious ways.