Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going Global

Well, it's a holiday weekend, and what do you suppose I'm doing to celebrate it?

Yep, you guessed it. Another class has started and I have three assignments due by tomorrow. Finished one last night, two more to go.

This one is Global Information Technology Management. Should be fun. The books are actually really good reads, consisting of Michael Porter's seminal tomes on competitive strategy (only one was required, but Amazon had a great deal on the 3-volume set so I picked it up for less than half what the University bookstore wanted for it) and good study of how to apply Sun Tzu's Art of War to modern business.

It's not often that you run across textbooks that are actually enjoyable to read. In all fairness, however, these books weren't written as textbooks, but rather as books. For some reason, that seems to help. The closest approximation I've run across to a readable textbook was Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics, and the follow-up volume, Applied Economics.

Update from the last posting: There is no update. Still pursuing leads to explain what happened. Apologies to friends and family for the scare, but this is how life goes. One day you're running around the house with a red towel wrapped around your neck and your Underoos on the outside of your pants. Next day, you keel over. Life happens in between. Don't forget to live it.

Okay, enough morbid thoughts. Off to write papers!


E. S. Collins said...

Wait, you've stopped running around with a towel tied around your neck? I think we've found the source of the problem my friend.

Larriken said...

That is exactly right.

Never, never, NEVER grow up!!!!