Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beach Lacrosse, Smoking Gnu-style!

So, apparently Ghost Crab's brother jumped in after him. How often have we read news reports of two perishing to save one stuck down the well? This seems to be universal, not just human. Back down three flights of steps I go to help the little tyke out.

To answer your burning questions:

Q: How do you get an angry crab out of a pool?
A: With a long pole and a net.

Q: (Obvious follow-up, since I know you're wondering) How do you get him out of the net?
A: Ever play Lacrosse?

I doubt he'll be back anytime soon, considering how I flung his ass over the fence and the dune behind that.

Judging from the girlish screams emanating from the other side of that dune, I have to assume he made a happy landing.

Oops. :-)

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