Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ow! Ah Bwoke a Toof! It Hurth, Dammit!

Stop laughing! The damn thing hurts!

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to break a tooth while eating a ham sandwich last week. The day after I converted from contractor to full-timer at The Company. I haven't even had time to fill out all the paperwork and I'm already putting in benefits claims!

(Note: The Company is not to be confused with the Company or the company for that matter. I don't talk much about work for a reason; it's like Fight Club in my opinion. I don't talk about it. Unless I do. I'm ornery, remember?)

Worse yet, this was in the middle of mid-term week for my Software Management class. Will the pain never end?

A quick update: Psych class turned out good. Got an A. Now, on to Management of Software Systems. I do this for a living, so once again, it's an A or ass-kicking time. The Skating Gnu and her hockey team made it to the semi-finals in the Capital City Cup tourney. They put up a helluva fight against the tournament favourites and made a good accounting of themselves. Mrs. Gnu is still putting up with our crazy crap. I love that woman more and more each day. (Happy Belated Birthday, Dear!)

So, mid-terms. Tough class so far, lots of readin', researchin' and writin'. And readin'. And writin'. And scotch. Scotch? Yup. Scotch. Makes the researchin' much more interestin'. We get our test at the beginning of the week. Six questions, open book, open notes, open season on external sources. And I just HAD to break a goddamn tooth! Well, no use complainin' so take two Advil and start plowin' through it. Books scattered all over the office, 36 hours of work, and 18 pages written before I finally decided I'd done my best work on it. Turned it in, hoped for the best, took more Advil to kill the pain. Scotch to follow when it's safe to do so.

As usual, the Monday-morning quarterbacking starts the moment I declare myself finished. Mrs. Gnu said I should just turn it in and be done with it, don't sit there and over-analyze what I've written- just get it over with. She's right, I know she's right, and I know it's the best advice, but when it's my ass on the line, I find it a little hard to let go. Test anxiety again.

Grades were posted yesterday afternoon. I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things.


Toothache? What toothache?


fett said...

The Fellowship of the Blogs is alphabetized, isn't it.

Congrats on your grades. I'm soooo happy not to be in school anymore.

But yeah, turn in your damn test when you're done. I always tested well, mostly because I didn't overthink it. I answered the questions and moved on. I never second-guessed myself, because that's when you get in trouble.

E. S. Collins said...

Indeed. I approached tests like I do most other things, I aim my ego at it and open fire. I assume I'll do great and I usually do. Sweet sweet ego.

Larriken said...

Yes, Fett, the Fellowship is alphabetized. Coz I like it that way. So are my CD's (by author).

In case you were wondering, yes, I sort my M&M's by spectral order, too. Long live Roy G. Biv!!!

suyapi said...


Um, sorry. But congratulations on your smash-tastic score. I used to not mind tests, until law school. But then, I neither cheated nor took illegal stimulants and other drugs. So...