Monday, May 28, 2007

Are Humans Really This Stupid?

Took my daughter (The Skating Gnu?) to the local ice rink for her weekend hockey practice.

Found this little gem posted proudly on the door. Not the outside door, the one at the ice itself.

Honestly, if you need a sign for something this intuitively obvious, you have absolutely no business being out in public unrestrained, unmedicated, unmuzzled or without proper adult supervision.

Which means you're most likely on state welfare and breeding out of control.

A little Social Darwinism here, please? Or at least some chlorine for the gene pool?


E. S. Collins said...

The gene pool needs for someone to throw a live powerline in it. I love seeing signs like this because it justifies my belief that the entire world is getting dumber by the minute.

Larriken said...

Agreed. It also reminds me how well "Finite Intelligence" theory is still holding up.