Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Accounting For Sleep Deprivation

The new mattress arrived today. So why am I not snuggled up in bed testing it out? Simple: accounting homework due by 12 midnight Pacific time.

Nothing like pushing those deadlines, huh?

The delivery of the new wondernest was a nightmare and a textbook case of how a company can lose business one pissed off customer at a time. More to come on that story. First, I gotta finish learning how to balance a goddamn annual statement. Then study for a test tomorrow.


E. S. Collins said...

Ugh. Accounting. Ask if you can just kick yourself in the balls instead. It hurts less.

Larriken said...

Been trying to get extra credit by slamming my dick in the desk drawer.

Must be working, I have an A so far.

And a sore dick.