Saturday, June 28, 2008

Four and Out

Just finished my final exam for the fourth class in my degree. Database Management. Ugh. Databases are not my strong point, but I gave it my best, so we'll see how it goes. I've had my nose in a book all month in the evenings, and the same aforementioned nose to the grindstone at work during the day. Weekends? What are those?

Some good news on other fronts for the month to report. The Skating Gnu finished her first year of middle school at the top of her class, "A" honor roll. They gave her a medal and everything. I think she's still walking on air, and frankly, she deserves it. She put a lot of effort into her studies and that has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me as well. I wonder if she thinks this is a competition... well, it's working so, shh! :-)

Mrs. Gnu went off for a long weekend out of state to hang out with her best friend. Apparently they had a good time from all the giggles and wild stories they brought back. As for me, I had the house all to myself: the Skating Gnu was off to another state convention.

House all to myself, no adult supervision... you know what that means: stereo blasting 80's hair metal and an epic air guitar festival! WOO-HOO!

Post-Script - July 3

Having my nose to the grindstone may not do wonders for my looks, but it seems to work for my grades. Got an A for the class.


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fett said...

You are a wild man.

*air guitar solo's*