Monday, May 25, 2009

In Remembrance

Today, we take pause from our busy lives to remember those whose lives are no more. Who gave their lives that we may live free. What is the price of freedom? For some, it is a mere birthright, something that they go though their entire, happy-go-lucky lives taking for granted. For others, it is a hard-fought victory, paid for in blood, tears, sweat and the sacrifice of everything near and dear. For still others, it is a far-off dream, unattainable, impossible, even dangerous to reach for.

For the few, it is a gift, handed off with their last breath, from the dying to the unborn; a gift of life, love and hope, paid for in full. Life and freedom are inseparable: without one, the other does not matter. They are priceless. Yet, the price is paid each generation, that the next may enjoy these jewels of God's grace.

Remember the few, who gave their all to protect the many, that they may live on in freedom. Remember the One, from whom all these blessings of life, love and liberty flow.

God Bless America.

Picture (c) 2005 The Smoking Gnu

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