Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Postcard From The Gnus to You

A special Thanksgiving Postcard from The Smoking Gnu and Family to all our family, friends and loved ones:

May you have...
More blessings than you can count,
More friends than your house has room for,
More joy than your heart can hold,
More turkey than you can eat!

May your...
Visits with relatives be brief,
Fellowship with friends last long,
Football games be awesome,
Cooking turn out just right!

Be forever thankful for...
A loving family,
A steady job,
A strong and free Republic,
Those who serve and protect us from harm,
God's blessings on us all!

Happy Thanksgiving!


E. S. Collins said...

Those are a few of my favorite things! Here's to having twice as much to be thankful for next year.

Bluejeangirl said...