Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where's the incentive?

Conversations of the Damned, Part XXVIII

Time: Way too goddamn early on a Saturday morning
Place: Right next to my ear, presently covered under a pillow to block out the rising sun (GOT to get those damn blinds fixed!)

Mrs. Gnu: "Hey, honey, I'm going to check out the new gym down the road. Wanna come with me?"

Me: "Uhhhnnnnn...." (Rolls over)

Mrs. Gnu: "Get up lazybones! Let's go to the gym!"

Me: "Do they have college coeds on trampolines?"

Mrs. Gnu: "No!"

Me: "Do they have naked aerobics?"

Mrs Gnu: "No!"

Me: "You got some work to do on your sales pitch, dear."

Mrs. Gnu: (Throws the blankets off me) "Come on! Least you can do is lend me your support!"

Me: (Grabs blankets and proceeds to "cocoon") "You already have my support. What do you need next, scaffolding??"

I won't see her again until Wednesday. By then, the swelling should subside.

1 comment:

E. S. Collins said...

Silly couples and your coupleness. Good job on the not caving in though. The council approves.